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:: Volume 20, Issue 3 (jrds 2023) ::
J Res Dent Sci 2023, 20(3): 122-129 Back to browse issues page
Investigating the indicators of chronic periodontitis in people with major depressive disorder with healthy people in city Ilam, 2021-2022
Mohammad Ali Roozegar , Amir Adibi , Khadijeh Abdal , Zahra Motahari , MOHAMMADREZA Havasian *
Alborz university of medical sciences , havasian1991@gmail.com
Abstract:   (1411 Views)
Background and  Aims: chronic periodontitis is a slowgrowing inflammdory disease mostly evident in adults Many mental disorders such as depression are related to some physical diseases. This study was conducted with the aim of determining the indicators of chronic periodontitis in people with major depression compared to healthy people in Ilam city in 2021-2022.
Materials and Methods: The type of cross-sectional study is descriptive and analytical. The statistical population included 84 patients with major depression who are hospitalized or outpatients in the psychiatric department of Mustafa Hospital. Information was collected through a researcher-made form. This form contains two parts: demographic information part (age, sex, education, place of residence, contact number, duration of illness); periodontal information section (including plaque index, pocket depth, bleeding and adhesion limit). Data were analyzed using SPSS software version 18 and t-tests, analysis of variance and Pearson's correlation.
Results: In this study, 84 people including depressed patients (42people) and healthy people (42people) were investigated. The average age of the two groups was 36.11 and 32.9 years, respectively. The indices of pocket depth and buccal and palatal bleeding, clinical attachment level and plaque were significantly higher in depressed patients. Older age, female sex, and lower education were more common in people with depression, but only the level of education was statistically significant (P<0.001). BOP in depressed patients was significantly more than healthy people.(p<0.01) This plaque index was significantly higher in depressed patients with less and higher education than healthy people .(p<0.01)
Conclusion: It seems, Periodontal indexes such as gingival bleeding and pocket depth were higher in patients with major depressive disorder.
Article number: 6
Keywords: Chronic periodontitis, indicators, depression, major depressive disorder, mental disorders
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Type of Study: original article | Subject: Perio
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Roozegar M A, Adibi A, abdal K, Motahari Z, Havasian M. Investigating the indicators of chronic periodontitis in people with major depressive disorder with healthy people in city Ilam, 2021-2022. J Res Dent Sci 2023; 20 (3) : 6
URL: http://jrds.ir/article-1-1378-en.html

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Creative Commons License This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International License.
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