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  Journal of Research in Dental   Sciences

  LicenseOwner :  IslamicAzad University  DentalBranch

  Chairman : Dr . GholamhosseinRamezani Associate Prof.Dpartment of Pediatric Dentistry,Islamic Azad University (Dental Branch)

  Editor-in-Chief :  Dr.Donia Sadri  Associate prof.Dpartment of Oral Pathology,Islamic Azad University  (Dental Branch)

   Executive manager :ِDr.Maryam Hoorizad,assistant Prof.Department of Restorative dentistry,islamic azad University(Dental Branch)

 Statistical Adviser:   N.Valaei sietMan
WebSite Administrator:SHiva Rokhsari

   Layout: Nasim Naraghian

  Address :  No.4, 10th Neyestan Alley Pasdaran Ave. Tehran, Iran  P.O.Box:19585-175  Telephone number:   (+98) 21 22763449


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